WhatsApp application officially launches a new limiting application in India recently


Recent reports show that WhatsApp has recently released officially new updates on the current application in India. According to mobile services in India, it has been recorded that India is the leading country when it comes to usage of this application.

According to the data recorded within India, it is seen that most messages either forwarded or image texting is highest in India. According to reports from the government officials concerned with communication, the Indian government has had tough conversation with this service provide concerning limitation on the application to people leaving within India.

From the reports by the government WhatsApp has failed to limited the misuse of its application across India. However, WhatsApp on the other hand took the initiatives early this week in providing the limitation of the application as expected by Indian government.

Nevertheless, India has been limited to most social media platform interms of usage. Among this platform include Facebook among the other five platforms. According to people leaving in India, this limitation started early this Tuesday following the release of the platform early this Monday. This limitation stated early this Wednesday following the new version which was realised.

More so, after the release of this new WhatsApp version, the platform released a new vedio which is primarily to educate the users on this new version. In addition, WhatsApp has published this new vedio which not only educate the users but also explain the reasons behind the limitations and more so the penalties suffered against if any user tries to go against the new rules.

Reports from WhatsApp say that this new limitation will assist in maintaining the application and whatsoever manage and maintain the platform as it was intended and designed for. Indians according to reports uses the platform for other purposes not intended for the application.

Evaluations has provided new look to the platform which has currently and evidently assist in the upkeep and well intentions of the application. In addition, this new version contain a privacy protection setting which contains an end to end encryption service which also manages personal information concerning its users.