Why you might not three cameras in a phone? Samsung has the answer

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Samsung has once again brought the mobile phone features a notch higher as it newest Galaxy A7 sported not just two but three cameras – making it the “new normal.”

“The triple camera is made up of three different lenses — an 8-megapixel wide angle lens, a 24-megapixel lens and a depth lens that allows the camera to create so-called “bokeh effect” photos, which is when an object is in focus but the background is blurred,” the CNBC said in a report.

The third Depth Lens, according to a report, “makes the depth in the image customizable. One can control just how deep the photo is by adjusting the bokeh effect oneself.”

Apart from the three cameras, A7 is packed with a 6-inch Super AMOLED screen, an 8-core 2.2 Ghz processor (probably an Exynos model), 4GB of RAM (up to 6GB in some markets), 128GB of max internal storage, and a MicroSD slot, according to Engadget.com.

A fingerprint sensor feature is also available, a tech blog said.

“All told, this is a pretty complete mid-range phone that will give buyers a lot of photography power. However, its popularity will depend a lot on the price, which we don’t know yet,” Engadget.com said in its report.

Android Authority estimated that the A7 will have somewhere between $400 to $500 price tag, similar to its mid-range predecessors.

CNBC said this is Samsung’s strategy to reach out to emerging market, where the likes of mid-range phones from Huawei and Xiaomi are flourishing. This, they said, is a change in their marketing strategy in order to appeal to the millennials.

“Samsung’s move comes amid a smartphone slowdown. Sales in its mobile division fell 20 percent year-on-year in the second quarter of 2018 with the company attributing it to lower-than-expected sales of its high-end Galaxy S9 device,” the CNBC added.

Galaxy A7 is set to be officially launched on October 11.