Google accused by Trump of hiding fair media coverage of him


According to Google reports , U. S President Donald Trump said without any evidence of the sort that google have been hiding fair media coverage of him through Google Search engine. Trump said this yesterday and he also added that he is going whatsoever going to address this issue without giving any details on the matter. According to Trump in his tweet, from the Google search engine on Trump news the only information or news available is what Trump previously termed as fake news.

Blaming Google, Trump said that,  google has all rigged information concerning all his post and also google have not only rigged his information but it has also rigged information for many other people.  In his tweet,  Donald Trump said that according to the Alphabet Inc. This was not healthy doing. He added that this was also dangerous considering most individual and media firms like the CNN obtain their news on this search engines. He said that rigging information will led to suppressed conservative on political voices. On his tweet, Trump said that this was a major and nevertheless dangerous issue and that the issue will be addressed immediately with no provision of any details.

However, White House representative did not respond to Trump’s comment. More so google could not reach out to this matter without knowing exactly what happened to Trump’s information.  Trump said the issue will be addressed but no detail will be released and this made google out of reach. Trump said that this would not only destroy his reputation but also this would play a major role as an integral part of his presidency. However, following Trump accusations, social media firms and other services have been banned from providing any U. S content, the U. S Congress said the content provided by this firms are propagandas and fake content which are targeting at disrupting U. S political affairs like the operation ties between Russia and Iran. More so, companies like facebook have been pressured by U. S to eliminate any hate speech or conspiracy driven content which exist on their platform. However, tech and social media firms commented on this by saying that then don’t remove content due to political purposes but for the good of the users and parties involved.