Transcend Wi-Fi SD Card

Transcend Wi-Fi SD Card: an economical alternative to Eye-Fi cards

Transcend announced yesterday the Wi-Fi SD Memory Card, which performs substantially the same functions as other Wi-Fi SD cards on the market, but has the advantage of being the cheapest.

As the Eye-Fi card, it offers two modes for wireless transfer the content of a camera. Share Direct mode allows access to photos and videos stored on a memory card from Android or iOS, without an access point, to copy and/or share them instantly via email or social networks. The Internet Mode allows for him to use an access point Wi-Fi at home, for example, to allow computers to access content through a web browser. Unlike Eye-Fi, Transcend does not seem to offer based online backup or sharing self, and we do not know if the RAW format is supported.

The card itself is anyway stamped Class 10, which ensures that it offers a speed writing at least of 10 MB/s, suitable for all large public uses (including Full HD video The memory card Transcend Wi-Fi SD is available in capacity of 16 GB and 32, respectively for 70 and 100 dollars. By comparison, the Eye-Fi equivalent of 8 and 16 GB down to just $80 and $100. They are available now in the U.S., but no information is given about the rest of the world.