ZTE Axon M

The New ZTE Axon M Foldable Smartphone

The multinational Chinese company launches the all-new foldable smartphone that can top up the charts. ZTE works a lot to achieve this great success and it will be available in stores soon. What is the catch here on this device? Let’s find it out.

Foldable Smartphone

It is uncommon for the smartphone firms to build a foldable device as it is prone to damages. The company launches it in New York City, which is the home of many smartphone users. ZTE Axon M has a dual screen, which is pretty good for multitasking or rushing.

It’s sleek look and groovy design makes it more appealing because it is fit for the size of the device. It looks like an iPhone 5s, but foldable version.


The device features a side by side mode, which allows the user to use two applications at the same time. It looks like a multitasking option by Galaxy S8, but the difference is, there is two screen at the same time. It’s 5’2 inch wide screen is great and it is fit also in the person’s palm.

There’s more! It is the first time that the person can see virtual keyboard available. It is currently displayed on one of the screens and because it has two screens, it looks like a tablet.

The ZTE Axon M is set to be available at selected stores this upcoming November 17. Its available color is still unknown, but maybe they release Black, Gray, and White as it is the generic device colors.