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Samsung Will Build New Gadget To Outstand Amazon And Apple

Samsung’s CEO announces that there will be a new smart speaker that will compete to Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Homepod. The South Korean company hides it in a device named “Vega,” which will have Bixby as a built-in appliance. What awaits the new generation of smart speakers?

DJ Koh statements in the upcoming release of Vega

The smart speaker codenamed Vega expects to have high expectations. Recently, the company releases back to back outstanding smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8. The big question is, how good is the Vega compared to Echo and Homepod? After the Note 8’s Launch, Koh stated that the company is “already working on” a smart speaker, and “maybe soon we will announce it.”

Samsung is currently focusing on improvements of their smartphones

After Samsung’s S8 and Note 8, the company is focusing on its maintenance and avoiding the Note 7 incident last year. Koh said that Vega is one of the big lineups for their product and they want it to be the best of all.

The CEO prefer to zip his mouth about further details, and it is intriguing for many people. As of now, there are no features leaked in the device nor how much it might cost.


Samsung continues to go on top of the markets after the release of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8. Thus, many users expect that the upcoming release of the smart speaker will be good as ever. The company has also got back their stocks after the Note 7 scandal, and they assure that it will never happen again.