Twitter Account Hijacked

Reuters Twitter Account Hijacked, Fake Tweets Sent

Reuters has faced a lot of security problems in two within four days is quite a lot. Again hackers gained access of Twitter accounts on Reuters and hacked into them to displace the details and upload Tweets. The Reuters Tech account was also changed into the name “TechMe”. The Twitter Corporation has taken into notice the security problem and they’re trying to fix the security breach as well.

The feed was seen as an Anti-Syrian government notice as the Tweets were all opposing the situation and the government stance in Syria. According to the hacked Reuters Account there were three basic tweets; “FSA source reveals that 2200 of their fighters were killed in Aleppo, demanding extra support from the “free world”, FSA source confirms heavy losses within their ranks due to the superiority and sheer force of Syrian army and finally the Syrian army source anonymously states that Aleppo battle is like shooting fish in a barrel, says victory is near”. Apart from this the Twitter breach also attacked the American government by associating Al-Qaeda with it, according to the fake tweet, Obama took Al Qaeda off list of terrorist organization, says Al Qaeda no longer a threat to US interests. The White House also took into notice the security breach and said that the Tweet was phony.

Twitter and it’s security problems
Twitter has been facing serious security problems. After the Syrian security breach, a technology journalist, Mat Honan was brutally attacked. The hackers entered into his iCloud account and then took over Mat’s Gmail account and his Twitter, publishing fake tweets and causing problems for Honan.

Before these two events took place Twitter had experienced other problems with its security as well. The NBC news account on Twitter was hacked some time ago. The fake Tweets posted about 9/11 attacks and also warned about a fake attack at Ground Zero. Although the account was shut down quickly the hack still remained and a hacker group known as Script Kiddies claimed the responsibility for the accounts hack.

Twitter’s security is seriously in trouble. In May the website fell to a hack attack and lost access to more than 60,000 Twitter accounts as they were hacked and their passwords and usernames were released. The information was quite distressing for Twitter security as consumers were worried and were receiving spam emails within hours or the breach. Hackers found a loophole in the website but Twitter’s employees didn’t own up to their issue, saying that they didn’t know what happened. Twitter’s head could have its employees monitored as nearly everyone owns an Android or iPhone, it could have utilized the resources of Android Spy or iPhone spy to keep a check on it’s employees activities, sooner or later the truth would have come out.

Lessons to learn from Twitter’s breach
If you are a Twitter user then makes sure you have your personal email ID’s secured and also different from the Twitter log in email account. Having an extra account would help in resetting the password and getting your information back. Twitter’s own employee suffered from this, her Twitter account and email address was synced which led the hacker into her information and got access to her Gmail which later gave him the freedom to go through her Google Docs and Calendars. Although Twitter feels that securing the information using Cloud data and security would help, the case with Mat Honan shows that Cloud data cant be trusted either, hackers can gain access into Cloud data as easily as they can in Twitter accounts so all you can do is make sure you change your password every few days and don’t sync your accounts.

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