Free Medical Apps for Android

Popular Free Medical Apps for Android

There are thousands of apps available for mobile devices, in every possible segment. This is also true of medicine. There are several medical apps, many of them free, which are available for Android users. Here are some of the apps that are most popular with healthcare professionals and med students:

This app is comprehensive and has already become the most downloaded medical app in Android. Among the free content provided by the app thousands of videos and pictures of clinical procedures, diseases, articles, tables and protocols, drug references, a drug interaction tool checker, CME activities and so on. In fact it’ like a physician’s handbook for quick reference, listing the commonest and rarest pathologies. This app also gives the user the latest medical news with Medscape News. You can specify which of the 34 specialties you’d like to follow. You can also search the databases and news archives for information and save them for offline reading.


It is chiefly a diagnostic and drug reference tool with its pill identifiers, medical calculators and drug interaction checker. Epocrates needs a higher version of Android than 1.5. Epocrates Rx showcases thousands of drug monographs; a drug to drug interaction checker to ensure that the patient is not administered drugs that give them a spew of side effects and a pill identifier. Healthcare professionals can search for a drug using either the generic or brand name along with its uses and recommended dosage. Several infectious diseases are also listed along with their empiric therapy, and other information that could be of help to the doctor.


WebMD for Android
This app gives you round the clock access to information and tools that will help you make health related decisions. This app has some awesome features like the Symptoms Checker, First Aid Info, Drugs& Treatments and Local Health Listings. To help the doctor diagnose, the app displays a 3D figure which they can tap (at the part where patient complains of trouble) and a list of symptoms pop up. On selecting the patient’s symptoms, the doctor can view a list of possible conditions the patient could have. The app also has a comprehensive database of all kinds of drugs and supplements and their uses, plus contra indications if any.


SkyScape Medical Resources
This is a quick decision making support tool for doctors, nurses and medical students. It contains resources like info on several hundred drugs, medical calculators, and other vital medical information. Rx Drugs gives information on hundreds of drugs, interactions, dosage calculators, images of pills and even a tool for analyzing drugs. You also get Archimedes, a med calculator with hundreds of interactive features, clinical info on diseases and symptoms, and MedAlert, which delivers info and summaries of journals related to your preferred specialties.


PubMed Mobile
This app is extremely handy for those who are in the process of assembling a journal for research purposes or just writing a paper. You can search the whole database which is chock full of citations (over 20 million, in fact) that can be used in biomedical and life science journals. You can also do a search based on keywords and save your queries. Saving citations enables you to access and share them at a later time with other health professionals via email. You can also provide a link to an entire article. You can also comment on articles, view others’ comments and make notes.

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