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Nokia And Starhub Spearhead Iot Ecosystem Development In Singapore

Both Nokia and StarHub are collaborating on a project that is aimed at spearheading the development of an IoT ecosystem in Singapore.

IoT which is a short form for the Internet of Things is a system that consists of sensor networks, smart objects, and actuators. The purpose of all these is to interconnect things in such a way that the interconnected stuff is made programmable, intelligent, and hence improving their capability to interact with each other and human beings.

StarHub and Nokia aim at developing IoT applications and use cases. This is being done to enhance several areas. These areas include connected buildings, vehicles, and also, connected living.

Both these companies have the plans that will make it possible to offer commercial services to their customers in 2018’s first quarter. Nokia mentioned that their alliance with StarHub would make sure that there is more relaxed and rapid development of IoT services. This rapid development will, in turn, help various enterprises in discovering and capitalizing on smart nation capabilities and opportunities. A thing that will aid in propelling their business.

Nokia’s principal aim in this collaboration is to support StarHub and its partners in developing of use cases. These use cases will include video analytics, smart parking, and environmental sensors.

Nokia through its participation in IoT related events, and also, through its developer outreach program, will help StarHub promote benefits of IoT technology. The creation of awareness through these promotions will make sure that enterprises get to see the need to start using the services that Nokia and StarHub collaboration is already building.

According to Dr. Sin who is the chief of the enterprise group which deals with the business at StarHub, the significant component behind smart nation’s initiative is deploying devices that offer IoT functionality to different environments in Singapore. This includes offices, parks, homes, and along the streets.

Dr. Sin also said that StarHub would be leveraging Nokia’s IoT technology to address the urban challenges that are faced by the government and their commercial customers.

Nicholas Bouverot who is the head of the south market unit that belongs to Nokia in Asia said that they were honored to be working with StarHub. He added that they were committed to supporting providers who supplied IoT services. He claimed that Nokia was at the forefront of the evolution of IoT, a thing that would help StarHub build and deploy business models and high-value services.

Nokia which is a Finnish company deal with providing information technology, consumer electronics, and multinational communications. This company was founded in the middle of the 19th century in the year 1865. Nokia’s headquarters are located in Espoo, Uusima.

StarHub is a company that was awarded license that allowed it to provide mobile services and fixed network. This permit was granted on May 7, 1998. StarHub has its headquarters located in Singapore.