Mute Website Sounds Permanently? Coming Soon with Google Chrome!

Google's Francois Beaufort announced via Google Plus their new experiment

There is this instance when you are surfing the internet and an Ad video pop up! Yes, it’s annoying, isn’t it? Well, that’s what Google Chrome wants to address in their next update.

Let’s admit, every website on the internet includes advertisement either in the form of video or banner. Well, it’s a way of monetizing their sites. Either we like it or not, websites will continue adding advertisements as their revenue stream.

As Google strives to create a peaceful environment on the internet, inconvenience such as “annoying video ads” are addressed. Today, the company was spotted experimenting with a new feature for Google Chrome.

Google’s François Beaufort announced that the Chrome Team is experimenting with a setting that can mute/unmute websites directly on the Page Info Bubble. Currently, the trial is available in the Canary build of the browser. There is no specific date to when this experiment will launch.

Apparently, just by its short description, the new setting gives us the power to mute websites permanently. Thus, say no more to those annoying pop-up video Ad sounds.

A Disadvantage to Ads Publisher?

Having permanent muting allows us to focus on the things we look for on the internet. But, does this convenience lead to a disadvantage for the Ads Publishers?

Currently, we are surrounded by different noises that lessen our attention to focus on a single errand or conversation. Put television for example. Once your favorite show goes to commercial, you tend to concentrate on other things like checking your phone or your laptop.

This condition challenged most advertisers on how to get viewers attention. Companies have spent billions of dollars on formulating marketing strategies to produce profitability. And thus, they have discovered the power of sounds.

Sounds get viewers attention first. If the intro of the Ad is not too catchy, most likely, viewers attention is 50/50. With Google Chrome putting mute buttons to permanently silence website sounds, the “Power of Sound” eradicated.

For site owners, the update will surely not cause much of an effect. Still, sites are paid by publishers through impressions or clicks. But, will these video Ads generate conversion once viewers attention is 50/50?