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Galaxy S9 Mini Rumors

Galaxy S9 rumors are spreading all over the internet in the past few days. However, Samsung created mini phones in their S series. Is this the right time to reinvent it again?

5-inch Infinity Display?

Infinity display is one of the features that every user loves. It has been a trend for many people because of its superb design. Samsung promises that they would implement Infinity Display to all of their phones in the future, and most likely S9 mini will be included in this one.

Samsung’s plans for the future.

Last year there are also rumors that there would be S8 Mini, but still, there is no release of it. No one knows maybe the next couple of days the Korean tech giant will officially release it.

In the reports, it says that Samsung is currently working on the curved screen of Infinity Display. Following the A series leak with Infinity Display on it, the hype for their future phones never stops.

Galaxy S8 image

Samsung Galaxy X is one of the main topics as of now because the user can have two screens on it. However, the reporters struggle hard to get enough information for each one of them. The Korean tech giant keeps their mouth shut for this issue and surprises their customers with a bang.

Samsung S9 Mini mostly will come as low as $500 as almost all of the minis comes with almost half of S series price. As of now, we will update you for the Samsung announcements in any of it.