Far Home

“Far Home”: A New Sci-Fi VR Game That Will Bring a Whole Exciting New Way of VR Gaming

The VR world’s developments and trends have never been more exciting and fascinating. From the thousands of sold VR headsets to the continually developing advancements, the VR world is experiencing fast swift of changes and progress.

The games and the way VR displays space are becoming more and more faithful. A new game created by the UK based developer DEVCUBESTUDIO is a part of this ongoing process.

This is the first VR game for this UK based developer with years of experience in the gaming world. This game will be launched in January 2018 and will be fully available to the general public at the end of 2018.

The fact that this game is being developed from 2015 shows how many complexities there are in creating a VR game which will be accepted and adored in the VR and gaming world. As the CEO of DEVCUBESTUDIO, Aleksander Shevchenko said “We are extremely proud to announce our game, something that we’ve been working on since 2015. It was a hard decision to start a VR project, but we are now one step away from being able to share the results of our hard work, and we sincerely hope the gaming world takes an interest in our project.”

This VR game is called Far Home, and like many other contemporary games, it is a dystopic science–fiction game. The incredible game they created is based on the year 2300. Planet Earth is in a dystopic state.

There is widespread pollution, and because of overpopulation, humanity has decided that it must find a new home. The design and anatomy of this new VR game are highly developed and well structured.

There are four distinct character categories and five separate planets. Every planet has its own fully refined, unique habitat, and setting. In the course of their journey, players will interact with the numerous strange creatures that inhabit the planets. These creatures will either aid or impede the player’s expedition.

Far Home will join the ranks of other significant VR games like Star Trek: Bridge CrewThe Climb or Chronos. Whether it is successful or not this game is part of an essential development of gaming.

The more successful development of VR games will lead to an increase in the importance of gaming. The development of VR helps the deepening of human understanding about space, the Earth’s environment and man’s relation to it. Since these processes are vital for humans, there is no doubt that this game will contribute much not just to the development of VR gaming but, also for the advancement of various scientific fields.