Enhancing Safety and Efficiency at the Leipzig/Halle Airport with Motorola Solutions New System

Leipzig/Halle Airport in federal Saxony, Germany, is set to be the first recipient of Motorola Solutions’ new DIMETRA X Core TETRA system for mission-critical voice and data communication. The airport currently uses a Motorola DIMETRA IP compact TETRA system, which has been in place since 2008.

A significant upgrade seen in the DIMETRA X Core system is a more resourceful software-defined core, which provides improved security against ever increasing dangers, in addition to further cutting down operating costs. Motorola has designed the system to perform optimally for the next 15 years and even longer. Also present is a service contract that avails technical support teams and resources for all users of the Leipzig/Halle Airport.

The new system is expected to be used by the over 2,000 personnel spread out in the site, using the existing TERA radios. Those expected to use DIMETRA X Core include baggage handlers, ramp agents, and other people.

According to Motorola Solutions Germany Sales Director for critical accounts, Klaus-Dieter Drossel, the new DIMETRA X Core is the perfect replacement for the current DIMETRA TETRA system. Drossel believes the system can improve and extend the lifespan of radio access networks just like the outgoing system.

Furthermore, it allows TETRA users maximize their DIMETRA-TETRA networks, while at the same time making room for future improvements. Motorola Solutions believes TETRA will be maintained for public safety and enterprise users in high-performance areas like oil and gas, and airports.

Airport holding company Mitteldeutsche Flughafen’s IT team lead, Eric Schmidt, noted that they had been using Motorola Solutions’ TETRA radio solutions since 2008. The decision to upgrade the system came as a result of the reliability and performance levels the system offered. Employing the upgradable DIMETRA X Core system was a decision that needed no second thinking since it availed the qualities required to guarantee successful mission-critical communications for its users.

DEMETRA X Core’s current software dynamics allows users to incorporate mobile broadband proficiencies, without jeopardizing their radio area network investments. DEMETRA X Core makes use of a software-defined engine combined with smart interfaces.

It also has periodic updates that keep the network working at optimum level, as well as providing users with new abilities as they get established. The system also prepares customers for WAVETM push-to-talk clarifications and smart interfaces that prolong voice communications in case TETRA and mobile broadband technologies meet.

About Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions prides itself on connecting people via technology. They develop mission-critical communication resolutions and services for commercial and public safety clients. The company currently serves over 100,000 public safety and commercial customers in over 100 countries. Motorola Solutions has built a reputation over the years for the excellent services, solutions, and also their high level of expertise in their field of operation.