‘Controversial’ update looms for Whatsapp users


Various tech blogs have reported that messaging app, Whatsapp, will undergo a “controversial” update, sparking fears over privacy issues.

Whatsapp has recently issued a statement saying that it would have a system update, where messages, photos, videos, among other contents may now be seen, under their tie-up with Google, which is supposed to be backing up these materials.

A tech blog said that while the contents will not necessarily become unprotected, Google may be able to access it.

Users have the option to manually back up their contents before migrating to another messaging app on November 12. Irish Mirror said that those without backups shall be deleted permanently.

At least 15 gigabytes is reportedly being offered for free while eating up more space may cost a monthly fee.

A report said that WhatsApp is “renowned for its simple interface and easy-to-use functionality.”

Recently, WhatsApp has also undergone an update, changing how messaging group is done. A report said that “group administrators can now select an option so only other admins can send messages in a particular messaging thread. While non-admins in a group will still be able to see the messages that are delivered, they will not be able to respond.”

There are about 1.5 billion users of WhatsApp every month, sending at least 65 million messages everyday. The messaging app is owned by social media giant Facebook.