Cloud 9

Cloud 9 Almost Drops The Group Stage

The last hope of the North American LCS almost loss the final quarterfinal slot as three teams ties at standings. Cloud 9 manages to win a though fought between the Taiwanese favorites, AHQ e-Sports Club. Can the NA team secure a spot in the Semifinals?

Cloud 9 versus AHQ

Cloud 9 versus AHQ

The North American team manages to get a fast, and decisive win over AHQ. The Taiwanese squad earlier gets some respect as they are the first team who win in Week 2 against SKT. The Korean team is said to be the most reliable team in the whole world, as they gain the Worlds 3 out of 6 times.

Jensen’s LeBlanc Is Outstanding

The mid laner of Cloud 9 gives a lot of effort to make his team qualify for quarterfinals. With the help of Contractz, they manage to single out Westdoor in the mid lane. Jensen’s double chain makes Fizz unable to move, getting an easy kill. 85 percent of Jensen’s chain always shoots AHQ’s members, which makes the team lose the composition

The North American squad manages to snowball AHQ, as the Taiwanese team left stunned, unable to do anything. AHQ cannot stop the wave of minions because of C9’s baron buff, which makes it tougher to kill. At the 22nd minute, Cloud 9 takes down the top side inhibitor and opens up super minions. They finished the game with a time of 23 minutes, making it one of the fastest games in the series.

Furthermore, facing Team WE in the quarterfinals puts the whole team in pressure. Team, WE have a standing of 5 – 1 in the Group Stages, and it is their home court. The North American team must get ready as it may be the most terrible match of their lives.