Xiaomi vs Apple

Can Xiaomi’s Laptop Outstand Apple’s Macbook Pro?

MI Notebook Pro Look

Many Chinese companies like Huawei and Xiaomi got to rise in the world market of smartphones. After Huawei beats Apple in the top two spot of having the most buyable phones in the world, can Xiaomi do the same? There is no impossible in the world that can happen, and life is like a rollercoaster ride. What will be the possible outcome of this show started by Xiaomi?

The brand name is quite hilarious as they have same tags with Apple

Xiaohu named their laptop MI Notebook Air, which truly same with Apple’s MacBook Air, and it is weird. That is not all; they have laptop called MI Notebook Pro which the same tactics with Apple’s MacBook Pro. Although the tech giant cannot do anything about it, it is quite disturbing to see that they have the same tone.

We even don’t know if Xiaohu was just playing games with Apple, but it is one of the strongest moves that the company did. To par up and to prove to the people who are better. Still, the tech giant has a lot to say.


The Mi Notebook powers up with a 15.6-inch wide display, which is not bad for a startup laptop. Of course, Intel i7 feature will never be left on each computer, as it is one of the noticeable specs. The other features and specs of it are pervasive and do not need to mention it all.

MI Notebook Pro has seven integrated ports, which is more than the tech giant’s Macbook as it only has five. This is one of the features that Xioami can spit in Macbook, and many people might look forward on it. Therefore, Apple is still reputable in its laptop and even with the slight advantage, the people will prefer them.